Note: This website only show 4D Result. We do not sell numbers.
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1. What is for ?
A: It's a website that show the current and past draw result of Singapore 4D, Singapore TOTO with provide statistic, analysis and prediction for free.

2. Is all the information that appear on 4Dpredict is free to use?
A: Yes. All information is free to use limited ONLY for personal use and NOT for commercial use.

3. Can i know the predicted number for next draw? A: Please check, please be reminded that these are the predicted numbers thus we are not guaranteed for it's accuracy.

4. I have enquiries and questions, where and how to ask?
A: Send an email by using contact us form.

5. Do provide online betting?
A: NO, we DO NOT provide any illegal activities nor receiving transaction. We ONLY displaying analysis, prediction and results based on the latest and past result from official websites and no more.

6. Is displayed data and results are accurate?
A: Yes. We manually retrieve and analyse live results from official sites for statistic purpose, thus it is accurate.

7. How regular update the 4D result?
A: 4D Result for Singapore TOTO will be updated every Monday, Thursday starting from 6.50PM onwards. Please check official website at for more rich information.

8. What is blue and red color?
A: Blue indicate ODD (1,3,5,7,9) numbers and red indicate EVEN (0,2,4,6,8) numbers. It's easier to spot the pattern.

9. What is "Matched Number"? A: x is numbers that matching or repeating in 4D, while - is any random numbers.

10. What is "Analysis" under every drawn result?
A: "Analysis" is showing times of numbers being hit based on current result.

11. What is "Search by Draw Date" for?
A: "Search by Draw Date" is used to search 4D result by any selected date.

12. What is "Search by Past Number" for?
A: "Search by Past Number" is used to check winning times, date and outlets of the given number. You also can select multiple outlets

13. Can you send the result to my email?
A: No. We don't send it to your email. Check this website regulary.

14. I need money, can you help me?
A: No. We don't have money. Go ask from bank or loan shark (ah long).

15. If i win, can i collect my winning money from
A: No, please get it from official outlets or from where you bought it.

16. We will update this FAQ page regularly, so check it out.

last update: 30 June 2021